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I am a licensed professional counselor, soul midwife, medicinal aromatherapist,  and funeral life cycle celebrant.My vision for Butterfly Wings Healing is to be able help you to create a sense of harmony and balance within your mind, body and soul.


I believe that we all yearn to live from a palce of an open heart, one that bring about an expansive awareness, an intuitive knowingness. and a clarity of purpose in life. As a counselor, I strive to support you in discovering your true essence and  "amazingness" in a manner that allows you to make a positive and heartfelt impact on the lives of those you love and the "work" that you do in life.


Within the end of life, we often find ourselves contemplating what brings us peace, love, strength, wisdom and understanding. We search for our personal and spiritual  meaning held within our experiences and understanding of both life and death. As a Soul Midwife,  I strive to support you and your loved ones as you stand before the sacredness of both life and death in a manner that is heartfelt, inspired and filled with a loving presence. 

As a Funeral Life Cycle Celebrant, I bring forth the amazing gift that ceremony can bring in order to honor a life well-lived and to celebrate a life well-loved. Within my entire being, I know that the ones we love who have died will always remain in our hearts.  The gift we can give them for their love is to remember them within our hearts and souls.  My hope is that I can bring this forth in a manner that is healing and filled with grace.


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