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Healing My Vision Through the Heart of Another

On December 14, 2011, I received a cornea from a donor – a man who left this world at the tender age of 40. While I know very little about him, I know that he had a mother, a father, a wife, children, and loved ones. I know that he experienced joy, love, compassion, empathy, along with anxiety and sorrow – all the emotions inherent to being human. I know that he was a child once, a child who most likely loved to play and laugh. I know that he was a husband, a man who experienced falling in love and the sacred day of marriage. I know that he was a father who welcomed the experience of raising a family with his entire heart, mind, body and soul.

Most of all, I know that this man had a generous heart and soul for as he prepared to leave this world, I prepared myself for the gift of sight, a gift that he gave. I knew that this man was to become an integral part of my life as he was giving me the ability to see my family and loved ones with clarity and insight. He gave and continues to give me the gift of being able to see life once again.

With my new cornea, I am able to see the world much more clearly. As with most important changes in life, my sight didn’t improve overnight or in the matter of a week…it was a healing process that happened over time.

As stated by Deepak Chopra so eloquently in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, “Each cell is alive and healthy when it is in a state of balance and equilibrium….this state of equilibrium is maintained by a constant state of give and take. Each cell is always in a state of dynamic flow and the flow is never interrupted.

And only by maintaining this flow of giving is the cell able to receive and thus continue its vibrant existence.” Welcoming my new cornea and integrating his vision and energy with mine was a physical, emotional and spiritual process. While vision is often defined as begin able to see the world. Vision can also be defined as being able to “see beyond”. As my sight became increasingly clear, I was increasingly grateful that his cornea was able to integrate with my vision and enhance all my life experiences.

Today, I embrace each moment, and I continually honor this amazing gift that was given to me by a man who came from the spirit of wanting to heal another human being. I know with all my heart that my donor’s love has left an indelible imprint on the memories of everyone who was in his life. I hope that they have been able to heal their hearts and souls. In hopes of being able to offer solace and comfort, I want them to know that their loved one has enriched my life profoundly and completely.

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